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Oak Grove Elementary
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Visual and Performing Arts

All Oak Grove School students have the opportunity during the school day to participate in Music, Dance, Visual Art and Drama. The Arts Program delivers key Visual and Performing Arts standards, and integrates content from Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science curriculum areas. Our district and Oak Grove Education Partners (OGEP) fund integrated arts lessons, workshops and performances by professional teaching artists and performers. Classroom teachers attend arts trainings which increases their ability to integrate arts into core curriculum.  Student accomplishment is demonstrated at the annual Art Exhibit and at Performance Showcases held for each grade level. Individual classrooms also produce Drama performances, Poetry Readings, and Multimedia presentations. Choir and Band electives are open to students in grades three through five. 

Our goal is for students to experience, understand and appreciate the visual and performing arts, as they simultaneously develop their abilities to collaborate, persevere and innovate.

Oak Grove recognizes the long-standing and current research on the valuable impact of Arts learning:

  • ​Creativity & Cognition: The Arts present alternate learning modalities to support academic success. Arts engagement fuels cognitive growth as students imagine, create, reflect, and revise 
  • Engagement: The Arts contribute to a climate where students and parents feel connected to the school community. In an inclusive culture all students have access to Arts learning
  • Enrichment: The Arts lessons and experiences enrich students’ lives. Arts offer students a unique language to explore ideas, feelings, subject matter, and cultures
  • Skills & Competencies:  The Arts teach Studio Habits of Mind such as Engage & Persist, Envision, Express, Observe & Reflect: skills that are transferable to the world of the student